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Your Blackheath Candidates - Local Elections 2018

Who are we?

Nadya Phoenix

Nadya has lived in Blackheath for nearly five years. She is a Human Resources professional and currently works for a national disability charity. She previously worked as a Staffing Consultant in the private sector. Nadya is originally from Australia where she spent time campaigning on the environment and Aboriginal land rights. As Women's Officer for her college union, she campaigned to raise awareness about date rape and sexual abuse / assault faced by students. Having spent time as a young child in shared temporary bed-and-breakfast accommodation, Nadya will challenge council decisions that result in more unaffordable housing and more homelessness in the borough. Nadya believes the council must improve educational standards in the borough’s secondary schools to help reduce child inequality. Nadya also feels strongly about the welfare of vulnerable adults and helping them to remain in their homes or community accommodation.

Chris Maines

Chris lives locally in Brandram Road and served as councillor for our area from 2006 to 2014. He believes it is important that councillors keep in regular touch with local residents and consult with people about issues affecting the local community. Chris was involved in the scrutiny of hospital services locally and fought against the downgrading or closure of Lewisham Hospital. He is very concerned about the inequalities within Lewisham. Life expectancy in less well-off parts of the borough is much lower than betteroff parts of the borough just a mile or two away. Poor housing, failing secondary schools and poor health outcomes are part of the problem. Lewisham Council has allowed secondary education standards to fall below neighbouring boroughs. It has also failed to replace council homes that have been sold off or demolished resulting in fewer affordable homes in the borough. If elected, Chris will also campaign to reduce the council's carbon footprint.

Anthony Crowther

Anthony joined the Liberal Democrats the day after the EU Referendum, determined to campaign against the impact of Brexit locally. He’s been campaigning for the rights of EU citizens in Lewisham and supports an Exit to Brexit. He is an active campaigner on cleaning up our air and has been heavily involved in citizen science projects to monitor the dangerous levels of air pollution in Lewisham. Anthony moved to Lewisham five years ago and now also works in the borough. He has worked in a range of roles across several London universities and students’ unions, and currently works on supporting students into employment. As a councillor Anthony would prioritise work on cleaning up our air and improving our local environment, improving our failing secondary schools and supporting young people to fulfil their potential. He would push for transparency and openness in the council. Anthony believes in genuine community involvement in decision making.

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