Scrap the Energy Price Rise

This is an emergency. Cancel October's planned energy bill rise to save people £1600.

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We need bold and urgent action to help families pay their bills and heat their homes this winter. There is no other choice.

Families and pensioners across the country are in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis. We have already seen energy bills rise by £700 this year. They simply cannot afford another, even bigger rise of £1,600 in October.

This is an emergency, and the Government must step in now to save families and pensioners £1,600 by cancelling the planned rise in energy bills this October.

We need a bold plan to spare families from soaring energy bills.

The Liberal Democrat plan is to cancel the 70% increase in the energy price cap expected to be announced by Ofgem later this month. The Government would instead pay the shortfall to energy suppliers so that they can afford to supply customers at the current rates. 

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Horniman Museum is Museum of the Year

Congratulations to everyone at Horniman Museum on winning this prestigious award.

Jenny Waldman, Art Fund director and chair of the judges, said: ‘The Horniman museum and gardens has now blossomed into a truly holistic museum bringing together art, nature and its myriad collections.

“Its values are woven through everything it now does, with a passionate team breathing life and meaning into every object, performance, plant and animal. In many ways it’s the perfect museum, and I would encourage everyone to go and experience all it has to offer.”

Take a tour with Jo  Brand

Lewisham Tall Buildings Study

Lewisham Council is inviting comment on its Tall Buildings study which is part of the new Local Plan. However they will only consider comments on technical information within the study and factual errors or ommissions.

They are specifically not interested in whether you agree with the study. The consultation is open until 10th June. Full details can be found on the Council's website.

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Too many lives are still blighted by discrimination & hatred. Work continues to build a society where everyone is respected & all rights are protected.

We'll always stand against homophobia, biphobia & transphobia wherever it occurs, in the UK or across the world.


Attack on Angela Rayner

We would like to put on record that we are appalled at the scurrilous attack on Angela Rayner in the Mail.

Peter George, Chair of Lewisham Liberal Democrats says "There is no place in a civilised society for this kind of trashy reporting." He added, "What is also interesting is that the Mail editors apparently believe that the PM is incapable of thinking straight when confronted with the fact that women have legs."

Women's Safety

As Mayor of Lewisham, Chris Maines will make women's safety a top priority. A full spectrum approach to women’s safety is required. The answer is not simply more street lighting or police patrols. Every aspect needs to be considered with schools, local business, police and community groups on board. Everything from personal, social and health education (PHSE) in school to appropriate enforcement needs to be part of a coherent policy.
We all need to recognise we have a part to play.
If you are an organisation that operates at night please sign-up to and implement the simple pledges in the Women's Night Safety Charter
The Mash Report offers help to the confused.

Genuinely Affordable Housing

Lee Green Candidate James Foulkes has been out with the Lib Dem team talking to residents about their concerns.
"Genuinely affordable housing is a huge issue" says James. "We've got to make sure property developers deliver the 50% target for affordable homes. Once they're built, housing associations have got to maintain the new homes properly. At the moment they're failing miserably."

Mayoral Candidate Chris Maines on Refugees

We are appalled at the latest Government proposal for processing refugees, a policy that sees desperate people as fodder for newspaper headlines. This is what our Mayoral Candidate Chris Maines had to say.


What Residents Say About Lee Green's Lib Dem Candidates

Meet Lizzie Fox, candidate for Lee Green

In this short video, Lee Green resident Lizzie Fox explains why she's standing for Council on 5th May.

Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM Talking Policing

It is always a pleasure to hear from Caroline. When she visited Lewisham on 30 March she spoke to us about the latest watchdog report, which highlights the need for urgent and fundamental change. She spoke about her work to ensure that Londoners have the police for they deserve, one that truly serves each and every Londoner.

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Exotic Jester in Mayow Park

A crested caracara, named Jester, was on "routine flight training" when, apparently disturbed by some crows, she set off on a south London tour.

She finally arrived in Sydenham's Mayow Park, and when I visited was maintaining an imperious stance high in a tree, resisting any enticements from her keeper.

I understand her keeper has now persuaded her that there is no place like home and has taken her back to London Zoo. For better pictures see the BBC page

A4 HMO Campaign

This campaign has been launched by a group of residents who are concerned about the lack of regulation of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in Catford and other parts of Lewisham. The campaign aims to persuade Lewisham Council to follow other London Boroughs and introduce immediate Article 4 Directions in areas targeted by HMO developers and put better HMO housing management practices in place. 

We very much support this community based movement and are very aware of the considerable disquiet in the area over this issue. 

Lib Dem members have asked LBL about this in the past through questions to the Council. We are not convinced that LBL were as vigilante in their scrutiny about the issue in Catford South as perhaps they should have been. We will continue to press the Council on this matter and demand action.

The Chancellor's Spring Statement

The big announcements

Sunak is cutting fuel duty by 5p for one year.

This is meaningless when families face an income loss of £1,100 this year due to spiralling prices and Government tax hikes.

In fact, this measure will save the average driver just £70 - a drop in the ocean.

On the other hand, Liberal Democrats would slash VAT. That'd save drivers £600 a year and protect them from spiralling fuel costs. Drivers wouldn't pay a penny more for fuel this year - that's what real help looks like.

The threshold for National Insurance is going up

That's it?

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