Labour's £635,000 bombshell for Lewisham

12 Jan 2024
Lewisham’s Civic Suite

Lewisham residents are saddled with a huge £635,000 bill, so that Labour's Mayor can pursue his personal ambition in Bristol, according to Lib Dem campaigner Chris Maines. “The Council estimates that a Mayoral by-election will cost over £600,000” said Chris. “Damien Egan is happy for local residents to pay that because like the rest of the Labour Party, he takes Lewisham for granted.”

"If it weren’t for the Labour Mayor’s ego trip, just think where £635,000 being wasted on this by-election could have been spent instead?” continued Chris. “For a start it could have funded at least 1,000 more street trees across Lewisham."

Labour's Mayor went part time in summer 2023 barely one year after being elected and has now resigned less than halfway through his four-year term. He moved to Bristol to focus on his career leaving the Council drifting and now with a huge bill. 

The Council’s estimate of the cost of a Mayoral by-election can be found in Public Question 23 of Lewisham Council meeting 22.11.23.