Put it to the People - this Saturday - 23rd March

Liberal Democrats from Lewisham will be taking to the streets of London on Saturday to demand a Final Say over Brexit. We'll be joining thousands of other Liberal Democrats and hundreds of thousands of people from across the country to say 'Put it to the People'.  

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What is Lewisham Council up to?

March 2019 latest... This is the second of our monthly reports on what’s happening at Lewisham Council. Although Lewisham is a one-party state, that doesn’t stop us from doing our best to scrutinise what’s happening in the council through the monthly public questions at Full Council meetings and ...

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Siobhan Benita's Crime Survey

Crime and anti-social behaviour are real concerns for many people who I speak to in London. We all want to feel safe in our communities and we want to know that the police are doing everything they can to tackle local crime.

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Council's Local Democracy review branded “undemocratic” by Lewisham Liberal Democrats

Chair and Working Group formed solely of Labour politicians.  Lib Dems call for outside “Challenge Panel” to represent all political views in Lewisham.  Call for public vote on scrapping Lewisham Mayoral system in 2020. 

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Lewisham Lib Dems reveal council spending £1m on security over controversial development at Tidemill Garden

Figures to be revealed at today's (Wednesday 23/01/19) Full Lewisham Council meeting show that spending on security at Old Tidemill Garden has topped £1 million in just three months. Local Liberal Democrat campaigners have obtained the information in a public question as part of the Full Council ...

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Lib Dems call for amnesty for children of the Windrush generation

Chris Maines, Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate in Lewisham has called on the Government to announce this week an amnesty for families of the Windrush community threatened with deportation and a loss of rights.  

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What's going on in Lewisham council?

Lewisham is a one-party state - it only has Labour councillors. And those councillors have a strong interest in not rocking the boat. But Lewisham Lib Dems are committed to keeping tabs on what Labour are doing in Lewisham. 

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