Josh Matthews for Lewisham

London Assembly Candidate for Lewisham and Greenwich, and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewisham West and East Dulwich

I’m delighted to introduce myself as your Liberal Democrat candidate to be the new MP for Lewisham West and East Dulwich. I’m also standing to be your Assembly Member for the constituency of Greenwich and Lewisham.
I believe in positive politics, a move away from the divisive, negative narrative we are surrounded by. I believe in politics built on freedom in a truly fair society, with real equality of opportunity.
Professionally, I work to address the climate and sustainability emergency. As ‘part activist, part analyst’ my task is to combine the objective and emotional case for change across the environmental, social, and economic challenges we face.

Before moving to London, I was a City Councillor in Cambridge. As the opposition spokesperson there for Climate, Environment, and the City Centre, I saw how international, national, and local community priorities can work together for beneficial outcomes. I hope to put that experience to good use in representing you and your community.

Headshot of Josh