Callum James Littlemore for Lewisham East

I grew up in a working class family and it was my Welsh grandmother who instilled in me a strong sense of social justice and fairness.

I’ve been a Liberal Democrat for more than a decade and have seen how a strong opposition leads to better decision making. I’ve campaigned across the country to end Labour and Conservative neglect of local communities, and I believe everyone deserves the opportunity and support needed to thrive.

I am passionate about tackling air pollution and protecting our green spaces. I previously worked for the UK’s biggest respiratory charity during the pandemic, helping with vaccine rollout for vulnerable people.

As a young professional, I know firsthand the impact that high rents and poor-quality housing have. That’s why I want to see more social housing built across Lewisham,
to allow everyone to have an affordable place to call home.

I am fighting to get you the fair deal you deserve and to be a strong local champion for Lewisham East.

Headshot of Callum