Lib Dems reveal gaps in Lewisham policing

On the day Lewisham’s Cabinet votes on a new violence reduction strategy, Lewisham Lib Dems have revealed significant gaps in neighbourhood policing. This comes despite a promise by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan that all wards in London would have at least two dedicated neighbourhood PCs and a Police Community Support Officer.

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Thank you for your support in yesterday's by-elections


Thank you to everyone who voted for Bunmi Wajero and Max Brockbank in yesterday's council by-elections.

We didn't win this time but in Whitefoot ward we finished second, well ahead of the Tories, with 20.6% of the vote, which was up on our vote at last year's council elections.

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How to vote in the EU Elections on 23rd May

If the UK takes part in European Parliament elections on 23rd May and you’re a citizen of an EU country and resident in the UK, you can either vote in the UK or in your home country.

Find out how to vote in the EU elections.

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Evelyn and Whitefoot - today is polling day

Max Brockbank: Is Lewisham Council serious about recycling?

Max Brockbank has questioned the method Lewisham Council uses to recycle food waste and garden waste. Contents of grey food waste bins and brown garden waste bins (for which residents who have them pay £80 per year) are collected by the same truck, even though brown bins are labelled ‘no food’.


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Bunmi Wajero: Time to put Deptford before the Labour Party

Ahead of local voters going to the polls in the Evelyn by-election on Thursday 2nd May, Lewisham Liberal Democrat candidate Bunmi Wajero believes it’s time to put Deptford’s needs ahead of the Labour Party’s internal politics.



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Bumi Wajero: Back diversity over division in the face of Brexit

Ahead of local voters going to the polls in the Evelyn by-election on Thursday 2nd May, Lewisham Liberal Democrat candidate Bunmi Wajero has called on Evelyn Ward voters to back diversity over division in the face of Brexit.

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Bunmi Wajero backs Evelyn 200 tree planting for Deptford

Bunmi Wajero, Liberal Democrat candidate in the Evelyn Ward by-election, has donated and planted an Oak tree as part of the Evelyn 200 project.

Bunmi planted her tree with the help of volunteers from Deptford Folk and Trees for Cities, the groups behind the Evelyn 200 project. Their aim is to plant 200 trees to celebrate the first publication of John Evelyn’s diaries two centuries ago.


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Max Brockbank calls for action on flytipping

Max Brockbank, Liberal Democrat candidate for Whitefoot Ward, is calling for coordinated and imaginative action by Lewisham Council to tackle flytipping and litter in our streets and green spaces.

In the past few weeks the Lib Dem team has reported numerous flytips, to Phoenix and Glendale as well as to the council. Lewisham’s road sweepers are ideally placed to report problems that they see on their rounds, but have no easy means of alerting Phoenix or Glendale if the rubbish is on land they manage.

Flytip1.jpg Flytip2.jpg

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Three things you need to know about Lewisham Council this month

Welcome to the third of our monthly looks at what’s happening at Lewisham Council. There were no public questions at the full council meeting in April but we’ve still been busy scrutinising the council with Freedom of Information requests and reading the papers for meetings. So here’s our three things you need to know for this month...


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Lewisham Council almost bottom of the table on freedom of information in London


Lewisham council’s claim to be improving openness through its democracy reviews has been attacked by Lewisham Liberal Democrats after research reveals that Lewisham is second from the bottom over dealing with Freedom of Information (FoI) requests.

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Lewisham Lib Dems select council by-election candidates to challenge Labour’s one-party state

Lewisham Lib Dems have selected their candidates to fight two by-elections in Lewisham on May 2nd, created by the recent resignations of Labour councillors in Evelyn and Whitefoot wards. Bunmi Wajero has been selected to fight the Evelyn ward and Max Brockbank for Whitefoot.

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Brexit - Enough is Enough

As the country gets closer and closer to the Article 50 extended deadline for leaving the EU, Lewisham’s community has been at the heart of the growing opposition to the chaos of Brexit.

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Lib Dems praise Lewisham residents for leading opposition to Brexit

Lewisham Lib Dems at the People's Vote march

Local Lib Dems have praised Lewisham residents for being at the forefront of opposition to Theresa May’s Brexit plans. As the number of signatories to the “Revoke Article 50” petition reached five million and with over a million people marching in London on Saturday, Lewisham Lib Dems have called for all political parties in Lewisham to unite in calling for a People’s Vote ahead of expected "indicative votes" on options in the House of Commons this week.

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Labour councillors resign

Commenting on the news that Janet Daby (Whitefoot ward) and Alex Feis-Bryce (Evelyn ward) have resigned as councillors and that by-elections will be taking place, Lewisham Lib Dem spokesperson Lucy Salek said:

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