Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme 26th November Update

Low Traffic Neighbourhood: SUCCESS!

Following lobbying by Lib Dem campaigner, Karen Pratt, the Council has replaced the key-operated barrier on Leahurst Rd with a camera. However, the two planters have been retained and the description of the filter on the Council’s website doesn’t match their recent leaflet.

Ordinary traffic is now allowed to travel from west to east (Hither Green to Lee Green) but emergency vehicles can go in both directions, all through the same gap. In the rush hour this can only result in chaos and possibly fatal delays.

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Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme November Update

164 public questions were submitted to the Lewisham Council meeting on 21 October and a majority of these were about the LTN. It should be noted that all references but one to the Liberal Democrats (in the context of our survey report) were replaced by 'a political party'! The Council held a public consultation meeting by zoom on 22 October, which unfortunately turned into a public information exercise. Feedback suggests that few people were happy with the written answers supplied or with explanations given at both events, although some interesting facts emerged, the most shocking being the sum of £3 million which the Council has already taken in fines from the camera-enforced filters.

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Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme Update

Lewisham Council have announced some changes to the Lewisham and Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes. For details of these changes please see: Lewisham Council: Changes to Lewisham and Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood Announced.

We welcome the fact that the Mayor has taken note of the response to our traffic survey and the unprecedented number of questions on this subject which have been submitted for Wednesday's Council meeting. Everyone who submitted a question will receive a written response and may be invited to ask supplementary questions on 21st October.

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Residents unite against Lewisham Council’s traffic scheme

Local residents in Lee Green have given a big thumbs down to the low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) introduced by Lewisham Council.

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Remembering Ignatius Sancho

Black Month History provides an opportunity to celebrate the lives of people who have contributed to life in modern Britain.

One such life is Ignatius Sancho, an exceptional character who lived on the Lewisham / Greenwich borders.

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Fusion finally throws in the towel on contract to run Lewisham leisure centres and swimming pools

Lewisham council have finally switched the provider of Lewisham’s leisure services from Fusion Lifestyle to a new provider, Greenwich Leisure Limited (who trade as Better). Lewisham Lib Dems have been calling for action against Fusion for a number of years as services have declined.

Fusion have decided to throw in the towel because of the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown, but their contract has been in trouble for a number of years. This is partly because Lewisham agreed a long 15-year contract in 2011 with assumptions that have inevitably proved inaccurate and with Lewisham failing to ensure service standards are being met.

The decision to change to Greenwich Leisure was taken by Lewisham’s Cabinet in a secret meeting on August 12th but the details have only now been released.

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Lewisham Labour's affordable housing failure

Ade Fatukasi

Lewisham Labour can’t even meet affordable housing target on their own developments

In the last local elections, Lewisham Labour promised that new housing developments would have to provide at least 50% affordable homes as part of their delivery. We’ve previously covered how the council are letting private-led developments through with much lower shares of affordable housing. Now, they’re not even insisting on the 50% target for their own developments.

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Lewisham’s residents should feel safe. Black Lives Matter.

Local Lewisham resident and Young Liberal, Debbie Fatukasi, writes about what the Black Lives Matter movement means to her.

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Zero-carbon Lewisham - here's what the Lib Dems would do

One year ago, Lewisham Council declared a climate emergency and pledged to have an action plan to deliver a carbon neutral borough by 2030. We’ve been encouraging the council to get on with this – it is an emergency after all.

Now, just over a year on, the council is about to publish its draft plan. So what does the plan need to do?

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Lee Green Healthy Neighbourhoods

Lewisham Lib Dems want to see policies that improve air quality, reduce congestion, cut emissions and enable people to make easier and safer journeys on foot. Reducing the amount we travel by car should be part of this but for some older people and those with disabilities access by car will still be needed.

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Lib Dems pledge their continued support to EU citizens

The local Liberal Democrats have written to EU citizens in the borough pedging their continuing support after Brexit.

In the letter (below), Ade Fatukasi says, "It is possible the next few years may be very difficult for all of us in so many ways. Please be assured, Liberal Democrats will continue to defend your place here with all our strength."

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Back the Bakerloo extension - but make it work for Lewisham

Transport for London (TfL) have been consulting on extending the Bakerloo line to Lewisham and possibly further to Hayes using the existing rail line. Lewisham Liberal Democrats back the extension. But we also think TfL and Lewisham Council need to do more to make the extension work for everyone in Lewisham.

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Lib Dems see biggest increase in vote at General Election

Thank you to everyone who voted Liberal Democrat on 12th December. The Liberal Democrats saw the biggest increase in vote of any party across Lewisham.

Our vote increased by 5.1% in Lewisham Deptford, by 5.8% in Lewisham West & Penge and by 6.8% in Lewisham East. Both Labour and the Conservatives saw their votes fall.

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Figures reveal exodus of EU NHS staff in Lewisham

Brexit is making the staffing crisis at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust even worse, the Liberal Democrats have warned.

Figures published by the Liberal Democrats reveal that 137 EU staff working at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust have already left the health service this year including 34 nurses and midwives.

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7 Reasons to vote Lib Dem In Lewisham Deptford

Bobby Dean is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Lewisham Deptford. Here are 7 reasons why you should back Bobby and vote Liberal Democrat in Lewisham Deptford.

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