Lib Dems call for amnesty for children of the Windrush generation

Chris Maines, Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate in Lewisham has called on the Government to announce this week an amnesty for families of the Windrush community threatened with deportation and a loss of rights.  

Chris says "This week sees London host the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. I am calling on the Government to use this opportunity to announce an amnesty to the Windrush Generation who are currently threatened with deportation and the loss of their rights, although they have worked and lived here all their adult lives."  

Various changes in Immigration legislation over many years have created uncertainty over the future status of any minors that arrived in Britain between 1948 and 1971.  People born in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries are thought to be more affected than those from other Commonwealth nations, as they were more likely to arrive on their parent's passports without their own ID documents.

Many affected people have never applied for a passport in their own name or had their immigration status formalised, as they regarded themselves as British.They have paid taxes and raised children and grandchildren here and see Britain as their home.

It seems it is a failure by the Home Office to maintain proper records that is causing such distress to thousands of people. These are residents who came here as children, attended school, worked here and built their lives here.  They are now living with the threat of deportation.    

This Country invited the Windrush Generation as settlers and as British subjects.  The minors’ right to stay has been undermined by a failure of bureaucracy.  
Chris Maines says, "This issue is causing unnecessary stress on many families. The government must act this week to stop all deportations, change the burden of proof and establish an amnesty for anyone who was a minor, whose status is threatened".  


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