Lewisham Lib Dems reveal council spending £1m on security over controversial development at Tidemill Garden

Figures to be revealed at today's (Wednesday 23/01/19) Full Lewisham Council meeting show that spending on security at Old Tidemill Garden has topped £1 million in just three months. Local Liberal Democrat campaigners have obtained the information in a public question as part of the Full Council meeting on 23rd January.


The development of Old Tidemill Garden and Reginald House has been steeped in controversy, with the council accused by the charity Liberty of abusing human rights by threatening protestors with controversial public space protection orders.

Now figures show the cost of the security at the site to keep out protestors has sky-rocketed in just a few months.

Lewisham Lib Dem spokesperson Lucy Salek said: "Lewisham Council should have never got into this mess in the first place. Lewisham can't afford this kind of mismanagement when we need funding to be going into our schools, housing and social services.

She added: "The new mayor was supposed to be a change of direction but without opposition councillors there are no checks on Lewisham Labour acting in an over the top, disproportionate and arrogant way. It's time for the council to rethink their plans and reengage with the local community."

"Lewisham needs new homes but the council's confrontational approach needs to change."

The figures revealed in the Public Question show that the total spend for securing the site from 29th October 2018 to the 8th January 2019 is £918,090. The cost of the eviction itself was £105,188.



Full details of the Public Question (number 55) are at http://councilmeetings.lewisham.gov.uk/documents/s62243/Complete%20public%20questions%20and%20replies.pdf.

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