Maines slams Council over 1,000 empty homes

Lewisham Liberal Democrats have obtained figures that show there are 939 empty homes in the Borough.


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Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate Chris Maines: I'll expose Labour's hypocrisy

Chris Maines has kicked off his fight to become Lewisham Mayor by exposing Labour’s hypocrisy on the Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) that have cost local council taxpayers millions.


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All of Lewisham deserves clean air

Lewisham Liberal Democrats are calling upon Sadiq Khan to urgently extend new air pollution measures to cover all of Lewisham.


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Bobby Dean: Don't Close New Cross Walk In Centre

Bobby Dean, Lib Dems Parliamentary Spokesperson for Lewisham Deptford, has written to the Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group regarding the proposed closure of New Cross Walk-In Centre.

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Labour’s mayoral candidate has failed to deliver for Lewisham

Responding to the news that Damien Egan has been selected as Labour’s candidate for Lewisham mayor, Bobby Dean, the Liberal Democrats’ spokesperson for Lewisham Deptford, says:

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Margot Wilson: My memories of teaching English to speakers of other languages

We're delighted that one of Lewisham's most active Liberal Democrats, Margot Wilson, spoke in the conference debate on teaching English to speakers of other languages. You can watch her contribution or read a transcript below:

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Bobby Dean: Let young people lead the fight against knife crime

Bobby Dean, the Liberal Democrats’ spokesperson for Lewisham Deptford, spoke in yesterday’s conference debate on knife crime. Here’s what he said:

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Bobby Dean: The Government doesn’t have a plan for air quality in Lewisham

Commenting on the Government’s Air Quality Plan, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Lewisham Deptford, Bobby Dean, said:

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Lewisham Council needs to share more information on fire risks following Grenfell

The Lewisham Lib Dems are seeking more information on what is being done to reduce the risk of fire to tenants and residents in tall buildings.

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Scrap Elected Mayors: Bobby Dean in the Evening Standard

Bobby Dean, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Lewisham Deptford, argued that directly elected mayors should be scrapped in a letter printed in the the London Evening Standard today. 

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Vicky Foxcroft MP has put Leadership before Lewisham

Bobby Dean, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Lewisham Deptford, has slammed Vicky Foxcroft MP for giving up on the fight against a Hard Brexit.

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Lewisham Lib Dems slam Labour's Brexit Betrayal

Lewisham Deptford MP Vicky Foxcroft has backtracked on her commitment fight a Hard Brexit, just weeks after getting re-elected on the promise.


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Keep Britain In the Single Market

The Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment to the Queen's Speech calling for Britain to stay the single market and customs union. 

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Campaign victory! Letting fees scrapped.

The recent Queen's Speech included a proposal to ban letting agent fees. This is something that Lewisham Liberal Democrats and the wider party have campaigned for, including a Private Members' Bill that was introduced by one of our peers, Olly Grender, last year.

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"Football is one of the best ways of uniting people." An interview with Bobby Dean.

Bobby Dean is our candidate for Lewisham Deptford. He's also mad about football – playing it, organising it, and supporting it. Here he explains why:

Let’s start with Millwall. You were involved in the recent fight against Lewisham Council’s Compulsory Purchase Order, weren’t you?

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