Lib Dems slam lack of NHS funding

30 Nov 2023
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Liberal Democrats in Taunton and Wellington have accused the Government of being ‘content with local health services crumbling’ after last Wednesday’s Autumn Statement failed to provide additional funding for local health services.

Before the Autumn Statement, the party had been calling for the Chancellor to invest in a robust NHS rescue plan as ever-growing treatment backlogs have stalled the economy, damaging both growth and quality of life. 

These measures would have included reversing Conservative cuts to vital public health services in Taunton and Wellington and delivering 8,000 more GPs across the country to create 65 million more appointments every year.

Additionally, the Autumn Statement still failed to deliver funding either for a new hospital or the new maternity building needed by Musgrov Park Hospital.

It comes as the Liberal Democrats have warned that treatment backlogs are damaging economic growth. A poll commissioned by the party showed that one in seven people had taken a significant length of time off work whilst waiting for treatment on the NHS. 

Apart from ignoring the crisis in social care and our health service, the Chancellor proposed tax changes that will not ‘touch the sides’ after years of unfair tax hikes the Conservatives’ local MP, Rebecca Pow, has consistently voted through in budgets which year after year have kept tax bands unchanged, massively increasing the tax burden on ordinary working people.

Gideon Amos, the local Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate, said: “This Conservative Government seems completely content to sit back and allow social care and our local health services to crumble.

“For example, fantastic maternity staff at Musgrove Park Hospital are working in leaky World War Two era buildings whose replacement has been delayed time and again.

“The Conservatives are either so out of touch they cannot see how many people are struggling to access healthcare, or they simply do not care.

“The Autumn Statement was an opportunity to get Musgrove the funding it needs for new maternity buildings and people off NHS waiting lists and allow them to return to work so we can rescue our flatlining economy. 

“Instead, we got empty promises, stale nonsense and a tax cut that’s not even a drop in the ocean compared to what people have already paid."