New Lib Dem candidate for Lewisham East

23 year old Ade Fatukasi has been selected as the new Liberal Democrat candidate for Lewisham East. This follows the Unite to Remain agreement between the Liberal Democrats and other Remain parties, which covers other constituencies.

Ade, who was born and bred in Lewisham, had previously been selected as the Lib Dem candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood but agreed to stand aside for the Green Party candidate as part of the Unite to Remain initiative.

Following this, Lib Dem candidate for Lewisham East, Chris Maines, offered to stand aside for Ade.

Chris Maines commented, "I think Ade is one of the most impressive candidates the Liberal Democrats have in London, as well as the youngest. I am proud to be standing aside for Ade and I know that if he wins he will make an excellent MP for Lewisham East."

Ade Fatukasi said, "As a Lewisham born and bred resident, I am hugely grateful to Chris for giving me the opportunity to represent the Liberal Democrats in Lewisham East. This may have been unexpected, but I am proud that the Liberal Democrats are taking co-operation with other Remain parties seriously. In addition to stopping Brexit, my policy priorities include technology, climate change, housing, BAME rights and supporting local business."

Read more about Ade here.


Ade Fatukasi thanks Chris Maines for standing aside for him as Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Lewisham East

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