Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme 26th November Update

Low Traffic Neighbourhood: SUCCESS!

Following lobbying by Lib Dem campaigner, Karen Pratt, the Council has replaced the key-operated barrier on Leahurst Rd with a camera. However, the two planters have been retained and the description of the filter on the Council’s website doesn’t match their recent leaflet.

Ordinary traffic is now allowed to travel from west to east (Hither Green to Lee Green) but emergency vehicles can go in both directions, all through the same gap. In the rush hour this can only result in chaos and possibly fatal delays.

Will new measures lead to rat-running?
We welcome the Council’s attempt to ease congestion on the main roads by opening up some roads within the LTN. This has cut down the number of detours forced upon locals by road closures. However, the full effect of the latest measures, introduced on 9 November, cannot be judged until we are out of lockdown and back to normal traffic volume.

‘We’re concerned,’ said Karen, ‘that west to east traffic through the Leahurst filter will result in rat running in surrounding roads during the evening rush hour. Also, Burnt Ash Rd still has heavy traffic heading towards Blackheath and cars are now turning down Southbrook Rd and creating a rat run along Wantage Rd. The lights at the Tiger’s Head junction STILL don’t have a filter for cars turning right. This is dangerous.’

Poor signs and information
The new measures should have been properly advertised. Some people are unaware of the exemptions for blue badge owners (which we welcome). We think this should be extended to other vehicles, including electric cars and vans.

The Council claims that no one should pay more than two fines, but this is not generally known. Above all, the road signs are still confusing. Some people have already been caught out by the latest developments.

Now that the barriers have been removed, it is easy to miss the restrictions on Dermody Road. Despite the ‘revised restrictions ahead’ sign, it is not clear where the restrictions begin:

The signs on Manor Lane are a complete mess.  Anyone who has read the information will know that all vehicles (apart from heavy goods vehicles) can pass through in both directions but it’s not clear from the signs. A lot of people  approaching the barrier might still think that the road is closed!

The campaign team continues to work with residents to get this sorted. Please let us know what you think of the new measures and report any other anomalies to us.

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