Lewisham Council needs to share more information on fire risks following Grenfell

The Lewisham Lib Dems are seeking more information on what is being done to reduce the risk of fire to tenants and residents in tall buildings.


Lewisham Council has said three blocks of flats in New Cross need flammable cladding removed and that every Lewisham Homes block is being assessed after the horrific Grenfell fire.

Local Lib Dems are asking for more information so that residents and tenants have full reassurance. This includes finding out how London Fire Brigade advice is being acted on and whether any changes will be made to policies regulating developments.

The questions, below, have been submitted to the Council. We hope to work with the Council to fully inform and involve tenants and residents as it continues to address these crucial safety issues.

  • How many residential buildings over 18m high are within the Borough broken down by those managed by Lewisham Homes, other Registered Providers and privately managed?
  • When were these buildings granted Building Regulation approval?
  • How many of these buildings have had their cladding tested?
  • What is the programme for carrying out any remaining testing?
  • How many of these buildings have had cladding retro fitted?
  • How many of these buildings have sprinkler systems?
  • What is the programme to fit sprinkler systems to all towers?
  • With regards to the towers the Council plans to remove cladding from, was the cladding specified in accordance with Part B (Fire Safety) Vol 2 Paras 12.5 - 12.9. This states that the cladding on buildings over 18m tall should be of limited combustibility.
  • In April and May the London Fire Brigade wrote to all councils following the Shepherd's Bush fire (letter titled "Tall Buildings - External Fire Spread). What has been the Council's response to that letter and what checks were made to buildings.

Full answers are expected by September.

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