Action on knife crime

Caroline Pidgeon, London's Lib Dem member on the London Assembly, has launched a campaign for urgent action to tackle London's crime epidemic.

Caroline wrote "We are just 100 days into 2018 and already 55 people have been murdered in London. Stabbings in particular have seen an alarming rise. Yet sadly the rise in violent crime didn’t just start at the beginning of this year. Back in 2013 there were 47 fatal stabbings in the capital. It has been increasing since then.  Last year 86 people were killed by knives in London."

"There are no easy single solutions to tackling violent crime, however we should look at best practice around the country and adopt every policy that works. Of course many other policies are needed, for example it is vital that police numbers do not fall any further. Liberal Democrats rightly fought the last General Election with a specific pledge to increase funding for our police service."

Chris Maines, Lewisham Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate, called on London’s Mayor to adopt a similar strategy to Glasgow which treats knife crime as a public health issue. 

“The public health approach adopted in Scotland accepts the police working in isolation will not solved the problem. Working with the NHS, youth services and the judiciary in a joint strategy, will ensure that intelligence is gathered and will it approach the issue from different angles,  involving the community to ensure an impact that will reduce these crimes”. 

Please sign this petition and help ensure that practical and effective policies are taken to curb the scourge of knife crime. 

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