Max Brockbank: Is Lewisham Council serious about recycling?

Max Brockbank has questioned the method Lewisham Council uses to recycle food waste and garden waste. Contents of grey food waste bins and brown garden waste bins (for which residents who have them pay £80 per year) are collected by the same truck, even though brown bins are labelled ‘no food’.


According to Lewisham Council, this mixed organic waste is taken to specialised facilities in Berkshire or Cambridgeshire for processing.

"What a pity that the garden waste, which should not need high-tech processing as food waste does, couldn’t be shredded and composted within the borough, and used as mulch in our parks," commented Max, who is the Lib Dem candidate in Thursday's Whitefoot by-election.

Max is also concerned about Lewisham Council's abysmal general recycling rate. Lewisham has the lowest rate in South London and the third lowest in Greater London, at 22%.

Max said, "Labour-run Lewisham falls far behind the London average rate for recycling. Moreover it falls far behind nearby boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Bromley, Greenwich, Bexley and Croydon. We need more than Labour's usual lip service to deal with this shameful situation."

Several residents whose food waste bins have been broken, or blown away in the windy weather, have been told by the council that there is a six month wait for replacements! Apparently they have to be ordered from abroad. We're not sure why the council doesn't keep a supply in stock. So much for encouraging food recycling!

Max has already been taking on Lewisham Council over flytipping in the area.



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