Lib Dems call for united approach to fight knife crime

Speaking at the first hustings for the Lewisham Mayoral Election, Liberal Democrat Chris Maines called on all the candidates to present a united front against knife crime.

“We have all agreed and called on London’s Mayor to adopt a similar strategy to Glasgow which treats  knife crime as a public health issue.  It links all public services together in the fight to reduce knife on London streets.”

“Let’s unite with a call here in Lewisham to support this strategy”.

Chris Maines, speaking at Goldsmith’s Students' Union hustings, explained that 20 years ago Glasgow was seen as a violent City. In 2017 there were no deaths from knife crimes in Scotland.

“Already the figures for 2018 are truly horrific. We are only just into the fourth month of the year and London has already seen its 47th murder. “

“The public health approach adopted in Scotland accepts the police working in isolation will not solved the problem. Working with the NHS, youth services and the judiciary in a joint strategy, will ensure that intelligence is gathered and will it approach the issue from different angles,  involving the community to ensure an impact that will reduce  these crimes”. 

“We need involve A&E departments to get information within the vital hours after an attack”.

“I was pleased that both the Labour and Conservative candidates cited this approach as a way forward. We can pilot the scheme here in Lewisham.”

“This is an issue that unites as, it is an issue of paramount importance and needs immediate action.”

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