Half of Lewisham Councillors fail to ask a single council question in the last four years

The complacency of Labour Councillors in Lewisham’s one party state is revealed by figures showing half of Lewisham Councillors have failed to ask a single council question in the last four years.

Examination of Lewisham Council’s record of meetings since the last Mayor and Councillor ward elections in May 2014 reveals:

· Excluding Cabinet Members half of Labour ward Councillors (22) elected four years have not asked a single question at Full Council meetings

· As recently as January 2018 just two councillor questions were asked at a Full Council meeting

· The public frustration with the poor record of Labour ward councillors is demonstrated by ordinary members of the public asking three times (545) as many questions as elected councillors (172) since May 2014 at Full Council meetings.

Chris Maines, the Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate, commenting on the figures obtained from council records said:

“In Lewisham we live in a one party state, leading to complacency and bad decisions being made, such as the decision to destroy Tidemill Community Gardens, or the failure to ensure Lewisham town centre meets the needs of local residents.

“Ward councillors should stand up for their constituents, champion their community and ensure the powerful executive Mayor of Lewisham is held to account.

“With half of Labour backbench councillors failing to even ask a single question in the last four years it is clear they are failing to serve their constituents.

“Lewisham is a great place, but it could be even better if it didn’t have a totally complacent council run by one party.”

“If people don’t want to see a one party state continue in Lewisham they can start to change things on the 3rd May.”


Notes to editors

1.    Figures have been obtained from Lewisham Council’s official record of Full Council meetings:


2.    The full breakdown of the data can be found here

3.    The data shows 55 councillors. Ami Abitson was councillor for Bellingham between 2014 and 2016 and then replaced by councillor Sue Hordijenko.

4.    Further information about the poor accountability of Lewisham Council can be seen in complaints against the council being fully or partially upheld by the Information Commission’s Office:






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