Catford South: Kate Richardson

Kate has lived in Catford South for over 30 years and has been an active member of her local residents’ association for over 20 years.

She loves the diversity and cosmopolitan nature of the area and believes this is what attracts people to put down roots and build a community here.

Kate’s campaigns include:
• working with community groups to ensure better regulation of Houses in Multiple Occupation for the benefit of all

• working with the Safer Neighbourhood Team for over 10 years to increase police presence in the area. Thanks to her work with the team, the Team now publish their patrol walks.

• pressing the Council to use its powers to improve the rate of fly-tipping and dumping prosecutions


Kate says "Local residents deserve better – someone who will stand up for their concerns. The Council says it will consult with residents but does it listen? No-one denies that Catford needs improving but are the council taking notice of the concerns of the people who live close by? Or will they continue to act as they did with the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme and impose their will? I will be a voice for Catford South, I will be visible, I will listen to your views and concerns and work for you"

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