Catford South: Diana Cashin

Catford resident Diana Cashin is one of many committed campaigners working to improve the lives of Catford residents. In the 23 years she has lived in Catford Diana has become known as an active campaigner on issues that affect the area, working closely with residents’ associations.

Recent campaigns have been for safety improvements at Catford station, pedestrian phasing at a dangerous Brownhill Road junction, and better services for social and private tenants.

Diana said “I have become increasingly disillusioned with the way that Lewisham Council overrides the views of the people who live here, organises token ‘consultations’ and sends out self-congratulatory propaganda at our expense. I have long been a member of the Lib Dems and am now looking forward to fighting for council seats.   I will challenge the one-party state that Lewisham has become and speak up for the people who want to see a better Catford.”

Diana has been out and about in Catford South meeting and listening to residents.

Just one of the many things that Diana has been campaigning on is re-opening post boxes

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