Lib Dems: We are the alternative to Labour in Lewisham

Vince Cable joins Lucy Salek to launch our Lewisham East by-election campaign in Catford, showing that the Lib Dems are the alternative to the Labour Party in Lewisham.

Speaking at the launch in Catford, Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable said:
“Jeremy Corbyn is letting down the country by waving through a confused and dangerous Conservative Brexit. He does not want the people to have the final say on the deal, has sacked Owen Smith for simply reflecting the Labour membership’s views on Brexit, and is in conflict with his backbenchers and supporters over staying in the Single Market. 

“If he continues to follow the path laid out the Tory Brexit will cause damage to the economies of Lewisham, London and the country.

“By voting Liberal Democrat in the upcoming election in June, Lewisham East will be sending a message to the government and the opposition; you have failed to build any consensus on how to move forward since the Brexit referendum, the people must have the final say, so that they have the opportunity to stop the Conservative's Brexit mess.”
Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Lewisham East, Lucy Salek said:
“I was born and raised here and whether it is on Brexit, on education, or on crime, Labour is letting Lewisham down. Labour have had a complete monopoly over this area and we have seen it bring little good news. It is time for change.
“The secondary schools here perform poorly compared to neighbouring boroughs and violent crime is on the up. Lewisham deserves much better.
“Make no mistake, Labour could have taken action in the local council and the assembly on schools and crime, and taken the government to task on Brexit. But they have failed to have any positive impact. It is time for a new direction and time to end the Labour monopoly by voting Liberal Democrat.”


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