Bunmi Wajero: Time to put Deptford before the Labour Party

Ahead of local voters going to the polls in the Evelyn by-election on Thursday 2nd May, Lewisham Liberal Democrat candidate Bunmi Wajero believes it’s time to put Deptford’s needs ahead of the Labour Party’s internal politics.



Every seat on Lewisham Council is held by Labour, resulting in a One Party State with no voice of opposition. Decisions end up being made by internal debates within the Labour Party and nobody outside gets a real say.

The Liberal Democrats were the last major opposition group on Lewisham Council and have been building support rapidly in recent years with its anti-Brexit stance and scrutiny of the local Council.

For the Evelyn ward and wider Deptford community, the lack of opposition has led to a number of high-profile and unpopular decisions that seem to ignore the concerns of the local community. This includes the Old Tidemill Garden development, where the Council has spent £1 million on security for the site after significant protests.

Bunmi has been active in the local community and has spoken out about the poor performance of the Labour council. Bumni said:

“The Evelyn ward is going through a lot of change but it feels like something that is imposed on the community, rather than designed with it. I will put the community in Deptford first, not the interests of the Labour council group and their deals with developers.

“The new Mayor came in promising to sort out housing so that everyone could get a look-in. But the latest figures show Lewisham only built one home for social rent in the last year. I’ve seen how little challenge Mayor Damien Egan gets from councillors.

“It’s time to have a voice of opposition for Evelyn, standing up for the most vulnerable in the community and holding the council to account on their promises on housing.”

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