Brockley: Karen Pratt

Karen came to the borough in 1983 to take up a post as lecturer in French at Goldsmiths' College. She just managed to afford a house and just a year later realised she would now be completely priced out of the market and so she understands the dreadful situation that young people are in, not able to get on the first rung of the housing ladder or find suitable rented accommodation. 
Since retiring from King's College London in 2014 she has become much more involved in her local community and has been particularly concerned about the unfair consequences of the Lee Green 'Low Traffic Neighbourhood' (LTN). Karen is keen to encourage walking and cycling and see improved air quality but speaking to residents it became clear that for many these aims were not being delivered, in fact the reverse. Having created a questionnaire to acquire local residents' feedback, she sent a copy of the resulting report to Lewisham Labour Council and was very disappointed that residents' views were simply ignored. 
She is standing as a Lib Dem candidate in Brockley because she shares the Liberal Democrat aim 'to promote a fair, free and equal society in which the needs of the individual are balanced with those of their community'. She believes that councillors following these principles are much needed on Labour-run Lewisham Council and like all her fellow Liberal Democrat candidates promises to listen to residents' concerns and represent the many, not just the privileged few.
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