Back the Bakerloo extension - but make it work for Lewisham

Transport for London (TfL) have been consulting on extending the Bakerloo line to Lewisham and possibly further to Hayes using the existing rail line. Lewisham Liberal Democrats back the extension. But we also think TfL and Lewisham Council need to do more to make the extension work for everyone in Lewisham.

Labour-run Lewisham Council are just backing whatever TfL’s planners offer. However, we’re calling for more to be done to reduce the impacts on Lewisham during construction and then maximise the benefits from the extension once built.

In our response to TfL we propose a five point plan to make the Bakerloo extension work for Lewisham:

  1. An enforceable construction and logistics Plan (CLP) to minimise disruption and impacts during construction, with an independent complaints commissioner empowered to sort out any problems
  2. A clear plan for the Wearside Rd council depot, the site of which would be used by TfL for reversing and stabling trains. The depot is close to many residential properties
  3. For Transport for London to take over management of Lewisham station and sort out the interchange between national rail, DLR and Bakerloo line as well as improving connections with the surrounding area (including reinstating connectivity with the north of the station and with new entrances on the western side)
  4. Reviewing fare zones to better manage pressures on stations in the borough, including moving Ladywell to Zone 2 to reduce demand on Lewisham station. We’re also calling for clarity on what would happen to national rail season ticket fares if the Hayes line changes to being part of the Bakerloo line
  5. Better pedestrian and cycle access to stations on the Hayes line, whether or not they become part of the Bakerloo line. Lewisham Council and TfL also need to maximise the benefits from how stations are managed and developed in future, and the opportunities for housing, retail and business development around the stations. We’re concerned that there’s a lack of transparency about Lewisham Council’s plans and we call on TfL and Lewisham Council to provide more information and opportunities for community engagement and consultation as soon as possible

Extending the Bakerloo line is a great opportunity for Lewisham. But for the council to just sit back and accept whatever TfL gives us isn’t good enough. We’re demanding better so that the Bakerloo extension works for everyone in our borough.




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